It’s easy to underestimate the cost of replacing your home and belongings. Our calculators will help you get the right level of cover. 


 Home building insurance calculator

Our home insurance calculator will estimate the cost of rebuilding your home. This is the amount you need to insure your home for (known as your ‘sum insured’).

Our estimate will reflect where you live, the size of your home, and the materials and labour needed to rebuild it. It will also factor in costs that are often overlooked, such as architect and surveyors’ fees and debris removal. This estimate isn’t the same as your home’s real estate value.

Building Sum Insured Safeguard

Our Building Sum Insured Safeguard is an added benefit. If your home is a total loss and you’ve used our home insurance calculator correctly to set your sum insured – but our estimate has fallen short – we’ll cover you for up to 30% more than the sum insured.

Please keep a copy of your Building Replacement Estimate somewhere other than your home as you’ll need it to make a claim. You’ll find more information in your Product Disclosure Statement.

Check your bushfire risk

If your home is in a bushfire attack zone, you’ll need to adjust our estimate to include the cost of bushfire protection measures, which you’d need to implement when rebuilding your home. The requirements, and costs, will vary depending on your home’s Bushfire Attack Level (BAL). Contact your local council for advice on your BAL if you think you’re at risk of bushfire.


Contents insurance calculator

Our contents insurance calculator estimates the cost of replacing your belongings. This is the amount you need to insure your contents for (known as your ‘sum insured’).

Our estimate will reflect the value of your belongings, including higher risk items such as jewellery, electronics and gadgets. Our contents insurance includes new-for-old replacement on most items.

On renewal

Your home and contents estimates may change over time, so it’s important to check them when you renew your policy, renovate or buy new items.

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