Code of Practice

Why we’ve adopted the General Insurance Code of Practice and what it means for our customers.

We’re a signatory to the General Insurance Code of Practice, a voluntary code designed to protect the rights of general insurance policyholders and help promote better relations between insurers and their customers.

Insurance companies that sign up to the Code promise to act in an open, honest and fair manner in all of their dealings with consumers.

The Code aims to:

  • Commit us to high standards of service
  • Promote better, more informed relations between us and you
  • Maintain and promote trust and confidence in the general industry
  • Provide fair and effective mechanisms for the resolution of complaints and disputes between us and you
  • Promote continuous improvement of the general insurance industry through education and training.

Our commitment

We’re proud to support the Code and are committed to designing insurance products with the customer in mind, helping our customers better understand their rights when buying insurance, making claims, resolving a complaint or experiencing financial hardship.

Product development and distribution

Our products are designed, developed and managed with the customer in mind to make sure they meet their needs and deliver fair value.

We design, review and adapt our products by:

  • identifying our target markets and the needs of customers within those markets
  • ensuring our product design delivers value and fair outcomes to our customers
  • making our Product Disclosure Statements and associated marketing material transparent and easy to read so our customers can make informed decisions.

We choose our product distribution channels and methods so they’re right for the product and reach the correct target market.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re unhappy with any of our products so we can try to fix the problem. Here’s how to contact us.

Financial hardship

If you’re experiencing financial hardship we’ll do our best to help. Find out more.

Feedback and complaints

Meeting your expectations is important to us and we value your thoughts on how we’re doing. To give feedback contact us. To find out how to resolve a complaint go to complaints.

Learn more about the 2020 General Insurance Code of Practice.