A focus on People Risk innovation with Rob Kosova

QBE’s People Risk team is all about helping people recover post injury and also about preventing harm in the first place, says Rob Kosovo, QBE’s People Risk General Manager.

This mission has been brought to life through a suite of people-driven projects and partnerships launched by the QBE team to support the evolving needs of partners, customers and their people.

These innovative tools and programs are delivering improved claims experiences, data backed insights and risk expertise at a time when protecting businesses and their people is more important than ever, says Kosova.

“Putting people first, preventing injury and promoting health and wellbeing are some of the most important organisational ambitions right now – so that’s where we’ve been focused."

Better outcomes through innovation and partnership

By leveraging innovation, technology and the capabilities of QBE’s expert people and partners, QBE’s People Risk offering supports what matters most both before and after claim time, says Kosova.

"Our work with dorsaVi is a great example of how we’re partnering to manage risk. It sees us leveraging wearable sensor technology to help customers and partners better predict, manage and reduce workplace injuries.”

“Our partnership with Clara Analytics is another example - the team are using artificial intelligence and machine learning to help identify risk, manage providers as well as support recovery.”

QBE has also teamed up with neuroscience experts, the Jonah Group, to help partners and customers create and maintain more productive and safer workforces with initiatives like QBE’s free leadership webinar series and business coaching sessions, adds Kosova.

“These are just a few of the new collaborations we’ve introduced to help give people the confidence to achieve their ambitions right now.”

QBE’s Workers Compensation claims offering, is also supported by QBE’s leading approach to innovation and partnership, continues Kosova. “A joint venture with Monash University has seen us build an in-house behavioural insights team, while another partnership with biomechanics leaders Active Recovery Clinics and Sword has supported the injury recovery process with machine learning technology.”

The claims program also includes a leading medication management platform, an independent injured person support program called Navigator, and QBE’s My Recovery which delivers a unique people-centred approach to making contact with injured people, adds Kosova.

Delivering data backed insights with power BI

The team is also using technology and data to deliver risk insights and expertise to our partners and customers through initiatives like QBE’s Partner Risk reporting dashboards, says Kosova.

“By combining economic data and QBE data we can give partners an insightful view of their portfolios – including risk profiles, wage changes, and economic outlooks.

‘We can get really granular at an industry level and present this in a dashboard that our broker partners can access.”

“It can provide insights that support business planning, risk management and customer advice.”

The dashboards are available to all brokers with workers compensation portfolios and partners can get in touch with their business relationship manager for a demonstration, adds Kosova.

Thank you to our partners

Kosova says he appreciates the support brokers have given QBE’s teams and initiatives during the continued uncertainty.

“Thank you to our broker partners for the amazing feedback you've taken the time to give us while your business has been disrupted, and you've been focused on customers.”

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