Our fleet risk management solutions team supports businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations, whether they are small family operations or large corporate fleets they are there to help customers keep their people safe and protect their vehicles assets.

Our services

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Accident trends and analysis reports


QBE’s reporting system provides the most comprehensive motor accident analysis reports. These are available on demand and can be tailor made to suit the needs of the customer.

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How QBE engages with fleet management


QBE works with the customer to identify and develop workable solutions that help reduce the risk of their drivers on the road. We also provide the tools to reduce fleet operating costs.

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Online driver training


QBE’s online safe driving program has been developed for companies with fleet drivers. It has been designed as a stand-alone program or can be used in conjunction with existing driver training. The main topics cover a broad range of driving scenarios in an ‘open book’ learning environment.

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Workplace vehicle safety training


QBE’s Workplace Vehicle Safety Program is a hands-on workshop that mixes safety training and risk management education with practical in car activities to make learning enjoyable and effective. It’s conducted on site and take approximately 2-3 hours.

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Fleet Risk Solutions self-assessment

To help you develop a system to manage your motor fleet risks, we’ve created a self-assessment tool that will guide you through four key areas: pre-employment, induction, after an accident, and ongoing initiatives.

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Motor risk insights

Learn what the risks are for vehicle fleets and what solutions are available to manage driver safety and protect assets.


Our Risk Solutions specialists

We have specialists with expertise in property, motor, liability and people risk.

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Q Academy

Sign up to our training and coaching program to build your expertise in risk, leadership and the insurance industry.

QBE Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance

Our flexible commercial motor vehicle insurance is designed to your client's business back on the road as quickly as possible.

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Commercial Motor claims process

Vehicle accidents cost businesses time and money. Our dedicated supplier network will work with you and your customers to get them back on the road fast.

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Motor supplier network

Our accredited motor supplier network gives QBE customers fast access to a simplified self-assessing process and the latest equipment, technology and knowledge for high-quality repairs.