From fleet risk management solutions to our motor supply network to our products, understand the latest data about vehicle fleet risks and what solutions are available to manage driver safety and protect business assets.

Close-up of fleet of electric vehicles being charged

The road to EV: How to transition your business fleet to electric vehicles

Transitioning a business fleet to electric vehicles is a complex process. Follow our step-by-step guide to get your business EV ready.

Close up of electric vehicle charging car with sun in background

The rise of electric vehicles in Australia – managing the risk

Find out about the state of the EV market in Australia and the risks businesses and drivers need to manage.

Looking out a car windscreen streaked with rain

How to repair your car after hail damage

QBE’s national hail damage repair service gets your car assessed, repaired and back on the road quickly and safely.

Male tradesperson standing next to vehicle

How workplace vehicle safety training can save businesses thousands

For every $1000 spent on repairs, a business loses approximately $5000 on average. Workplace vehicle safety training can help reduce that figure. Here’s how.

Dashboard and dash-cam view of person driving car

Four common reasons for accidents when driving for business – and how to prevent them

While distractions and rushing to meet deadlines cause a significant number of business vehicle accidents, the temperament of drivers is the biggest risk. But what can you do to mitigate it?

Car dashboard with mobile phone with map gps navigation fixed in the mounting.

How safety telematics can improve driver behaviour

Safety telematics can help improve driver behaviour with real-time feedback and may lead to a reduction in the frequency and value of insurance claims.

Damaged bumpers from car accident

Technology in vehicles – is it realising its full potential?

Many cars now have increased technology to help reduce accidents, but the data shows it may not be working, as effectively as you would expect.

Hail repairer network banner - car being assessed by a technician under a light tunnel to locate all damage

How QBE can help repair your car – rain, hail or shine

Discover QBE’s process, in conjunction with their dedicated hail repairer.

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Fleet risk management solutions

Our fleet risk management solutions team supports businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations to support customers keep their people safe and protect their vehicles assets.

Tow truck and broken car on country road

Motor supplier network

Our accredited motor supplier network gives QBE customers fast access to a simplified self-assessing process and the latest equipment, technology and knowledge for high-quality repairs.

QBE Third Party Fire and Theft car insurance

Commercial Motor Insurance

Our flexible commercial motor vehicle insurance is designed to your client’s business back on the road as quickly as possible.