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How do you generate referral business?

Moving a client from being a “dollar buyer” to an “advice buyer” is the key to generating referral business, says 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year finalist John Duncan.

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How do you stay competitive in a changing market?

Make good use of your professional networks and grab every development opportunity that comes your way is the advice of 2018 NIBA Broker of the Year finalist Penny Collins.

Ask a broker

How do you approach pricing conversations and how do you manage complex risks?

Hear from NIBA Broker of the Year finalists Steven Hill and Joanne Tutton, on how they approach these issues with their clients.

Kim Gilbert, Zenith Insurance Services

How do you handle client objections?

2018 NIBA Broker of the Year Kim Gilbert provides his insight into handling client objections.

Explaining premium increases

Communicating premium increases

Hear from Dale Hansen as he explains how demonstrating broker value is key to these conversations.

Understanding risk appetite

Understanding risk appetite

Dale Hansen suggests some questions you can ask to prompt your clients, and help better understand their risk appetite.

Dale Hensen

Dealing with market changes

Dale Hansen gives his advice on how to embrace change at a time when the industry is facing a number of challenges.

Dealing with objections

Dealing with client objections

Hear from Dale Hansen on his experience and how you can best prepare for objections.

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