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We recently sat down with Stephen Ball Memorial Award for 2016 NIBA Broker of the Year winner, the CEO of Austbrokers Coast to Coast Dale Hansen on issues facing brokers in the current market and how he recommends handling them.

Dealing with market changes

Dale gives his advice on how to embrace change at a time when the industry is facing a number of challenges including terms and condition policy changes, market consolidation and new competitors.


Understanding risk appetite

As a broker it is vital you understand your clients’ risk appetite, which can change over time. Dale suggests some questions you can ask to prompt your clients, and help better understand their risk appetite.


Dealing with client objections

Handling objections from customers can be challenging, but it’s an important part of the role. Hear from Dale on his experience and how you can best prepare for objections.


Communicating premium increases

Advising customers of a premium increase to their policy, whether large or small, is never easy. Hear from Dale as he explains how demonstrating broker value is key to these conversations.

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