Insurance Box update

Insurance Box was launched in 2014 to help customers become better drivers, providing feedback on driving habits and tips on how to improve driving performance.  It was the first such product in Australia and was underwritten by QBE. After five years offering Insurance Box, QBE recognises the importance of this technology, and that many of our customers enjoyed being able to monitor their Drive Score. However, we’ve made the decision to discontinue Insurance Box as a standalone product in our range of car insurance solutions.
If you’d like a quote on car insurance click here or call 1800 133 723.


For claims please call 1800 133 723


Access to your Dashboard is no longer available

Policy changes

To discuss change or cancel your Insurance Box policy Please call 1800 133 723

New policies

Insurance Box product is no longer available to new customers. If you need a quote on a new replacement policy please call QBE on 1300 654 483.