Consumer Credit insurance

Keep your clients in control of their debts

Your clients rely on their income to keep up with their loan repayments. If their income stops, their level of debt (and stress) can quickly get out of hand.

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) can be used to cover your clients’ mortgage or personal loan if they can’t go to work. 

Taken at the time of a new loan, it’s a smart way to protect your clients’ assets against a range of unexpected events.

What we cover

With the right cover in place, we will pay a client’s monthly loan repayments if they can’t work because of an illness, disability or involuntary unemployment.

For home and personal loans, they can also be covered for a lump sum payment in the event of a trauma event or death.

Our CCI product range includes:

  • QBE MemberCare  Loan Insure
  • QBE MemberCare Mortgage Insure
  • QBE MemberCare Mortgage Protection Plus Insurance

Why choose QBE?

  • Unemployment benefits for up to three-months in any 12-month period while looking for new employment*.
  • No offsets for any other benefits your client receives such as sick leave, health cover or private insurance*.
  • Outstanding loan payout in the event of your client’s death*.
  • Lump sum payments for six defined traumatic events including heart attack, stroke and certain types of cancer*.

Key benefits

Ability to make an unemployment benefits claim for up to 3 months in any 12 month period whilst looking for new employment*

Benefit paid to the borrower is paid over and above any other benefits they may have such as sick leave, health cover or private insurance*

There is cover to pay out the loan in the event of death*

Take the financial stress off unforeseen circumstances

Become a QBE CCI partner

Financial institutions can provide CCI on behalf of QBE as a specialist Consumer Credit insurer, providing an opportunity for you to grow and diversify your business.

To find out more about partnering with QBE please contact:

Anthony Guadagno
Head of Business Development

Outstanding support at claim time

Our dedicated claims team provides fast, empathetic support through the claims process – allowing your client to focus on rebuilding their lives.

Contact our claims team or send us an email.

* Insurance cover is subject to terms and conditions. Always consider the disclosure and disclaimer wording to determine if a product is right for you. PDS attached relate to our QBE Membercare product, each product will vary.