Consumer Credit insurance

Ensure your clients are protected in unforeseen circumstances

Consumer Credit insurance (CCI) provides some cover for your clients if they can’t meet the repayments on a loan. CCI can be taken out at the time of a loan. It is one of the ways in which your clients can plan to meet the terms of their loan in unforeseen circumstances. These include involuntary unemployment, sickness and accidents which prevent them from working for a period of time; or if they suffer trauma which results in disability or death.

Financial Institutions can provide CCI on behalf of QBE as a specialist Consumer Credit insurer. QBE provides insurance protection to borrowers on a range of loans - Personal Loan, Mortgage, Motor Vehicle Loan and Motor Vehicle Novated Lease.

Key benefits

Ability to make an unemployment benefits claim for up to 3 months in any 12 month period whilst looking for new employment*

Benefit paid to the borrower is paid over and above any other benefits they may have such as sick leave, health cover or private insurance*

There is cover to pay out the loan in the event of death*

Take the financial stress off unforeseen circumstances

Key contacts

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National Product Manager

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National Product Specialist